Monday, July 26, 2010

Guerlain Terracotta Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-1

Thinking about Terracotta has always been about bronze goddess look. This time Guerlain has launched some dark sienna colors in its Terracotta collection which will drive you crazy because they remind of cafe lattes, color of sand in Goa, India and shade of clay pots drying in sun. Guerlain Summer 2010 Terracotta Collection has following makeup products:~

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-4Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-5

TERACOTTA TOUCH: A highlighter pen used for shadows and dark circles that add illumination and radiance to the complexion perfectly. It plays on shadow and lights the tanned skin to create a natural and even glowing complexion.

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-2

TERRACOTTA FARD METAL: Two elegant metallic pen with its brown and gold design encloses a fine and silky potion. Creamy metallic shades for eyes with perfect glide, the eye shadow/liner formula glows with light and decorate your eyes with metallic sparkles.

TERRACOTTA KHOL: Guerlain’s Khol is promising land for enchanting and enigmatic eyes. This Khol is absolutely stunning and if you have brown eyes it’s a gorgeous match but can see it making blue and green eyes absolutely pop. It’s a smoky chocolate brown Kohl available only in one shade.

Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010-3

Products from Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2010 collection will create natural tan on your skin, moisturize it, prevent appearance of wrinkles, and protect it from sun. So don’t worry about the Sun and Live Free! This makeup collection will be available in March 2010 at select Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman locations.

Thierry Mugler Womanity Fragrance

Thierry Mugler Launch fragrance

Fragrance Womanity is created in a pink flacon. Chains and ring on top of the flacon which is decorated with metal frieze with symbolic design presents a connection between women. Thierry Mugler Womanity perfume consists of a mixture of powerful contrast of elements.

Mane was able to extract natural aromas of fig for sweet accords. Savoury notes came from caviar and the structure was provided by fig wood aromas. Just like Thierry Mugler Sunessence limited edition perfumes, this fragrance looks aromatic.

Thierry Mugler Launch Womanity perfume

Besides this, Thierry Mugler has launched a new kind of interactive site, where users can express their point of view about what it means to be a woman nowadays. This celebrity fragrance will be available in three amounts 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum ($58-98). Thierry Mugler perfume will definitely be a blooming dales until October.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swiss Manicure acrylic nail design

nail art pictures in beauty salon

Bridal Nail art design gallery for wedding ollections

Nail art design for wedding. Beautiful white flower nail polish.

Bridal Nails Design- hand and foot
Bridal Nails Design
Bridal Nails Design

Pink Flowers Nail Art Designs pictures

nail art pictures in beauty salon

Acrylic Nails Design Pics

Since not everyone can be gifted with perfect looking nails, it is a great asset for a salon to offer acrylic nails. There are work at home kits that include all the ingredients needed to create this look without the cost of a salon, and if you are patient, these kits can be of great assistance.

Acrylic Nails Design Pics
Acrylic Nails Design Pics
Acrylic Nails Design Pics
Acrylic Nails Design Pics

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adidas - Action Skincare for Men

Adidas - Action Skincare for Men

Active men put their bodies through rigours; they also subject their skin to extreme stresses. didas has teamed its experience in producing cutting-edge athletic gear with Coty's advanced expertise in formulating effective personal care products. Together they have worked with athletes to develop a unique response to the specific needs of men's skin. An athlete's skin, for instance, must withstand, not only the rigours of outdoor training ? sun, rain, wind, heat and cold ? but also factors such as perspiration, increased blood pressure and sudden cooling down.

A daily cleansing face wash that immediately awakens your skin. Skin feels refreshed, cleansed and purified. Enriched with minerals to eliminate impurities; vitamin A to help renew; a glycerine complex for hydration.

A cooling after shave gel to de-stress skin after shaving, fighting fire and irritation. Skin feels refreshed, moisturised, in peak condition. An instant cooling complex with menthol and peppermint oil; essential minerals (calcium, sodium and magnesium) to maintain skin's natural balance.

Longwear Lipstick and Matte Lipstick

BYS Longwear Lipstick and Matte Lipstick

BYS Longwear Lipstick and Matte Lipstick

This June, BYS introduces two new products to their extensive affordable and professional cosmetics range. BYS Longwear Lipstick and Matte Lipstick. Outlast your normal lipstick wear with the new BYS Longwear Lipstick which will see you through from morning coffee to evening cocktails. This season it's all about 'Matte' so get your lips to test the latest trend with BYS Matte Lipstick.

BYS Longwear Lipstick
BYS brings you Longwear Lipstick, perfect for those of us with busy lifestyles that are non stop all day. Simply apply your BYS Longwear Lip Colour of choice in the morning and with this great longwear formula, you won't have to keep re-applying it every hour to keep it looking fresh. The silky smooth texture of this longwear lipstick is a breeze to apply and creates a flawless look to keep you looking fabulous. Available in eight heart stopping colours; Blushed, Heart Broken, In Love, Liberated, Lip Service, Primadonna, Rebellious and Red Hot.
RRP: $4.95

BYS Matte Lipstick
Love your BYS Matte Nail Polish? Then take your look to the next level with the newest release in lip colour from BYS; BYS Matte Lipstick. Old Hollywood glamour returns with this velvety lipstick that glides on effortlessly with a matte finish and leaves your lips looking moisturised and totally smouldering. Available in four delicious colours; Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa and Tango.
RRP: $4.95

Lipstick Adverts from the 1940's

1940's Fashion - Makeup Guide

The defined style for makeup in the 1940's was glamour !
A full luscious mouth and more prominent eyebrows, getting away from the pencil thin look of the 1930's.Eye makeup was kept to the minimum with very little shadow.

Essie Summer collection of Nail Polish

Essie Summer collection of Nail Polish

Skirts are getting shorter and the days are getting longer ....signs that summer has finally arrived! Treat yourself to a cocktail and celebrate the warmer season arrival with the new Essie Summer Collection 2007; six sizzling new nail polish shades to accessorise the hottest catwalk fashions.

Dominating summer wardrobes this year are dresses - minis, maxis and shifts. To create the look, simply team the cutest summer dress and a bronzed tan (fake of course!) with a perfectly polished set of nails. Try the new Essie coral-kissed pink shade 'It's a cinch', perfect for a balmy evening.

Show off the waistline and team a summer dress with the must-have accessory, a belt. The bigger the better and be sure to opt for a bedazzling belt buckle. Specially designed to buckle-up, 'Below the Belt' a dazzling white shade and 'Loophole', a cool shimmering chrome, will be the perfect compliment for the ensemble.

To finish off the look, combine a pair of this season's newest platforms with a simple pedicure using the Essie deep-coral shade 'Click it or ticket' or the pure pink 'Chastity'.

With polishes featuring outstanding durability and an award-winning, chip-resistant formula, Essie has been the beauty industry's leading authority on nail care and colour for over 25 years.

The Essie Summer Collection 2007 of Nail Polishs includes:
Below the belt - dazzling bright white
Chastity - perfectly pink
Click it or ticket- shimmering coral
Huckle buckle - glistening deep lilac
It's a cinch - coral kissed pink
Loophole - cool shimmering chrome
Individual nail colours - RRP $16.95

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Cannot Believe How Quickly My Scar Has remove

Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream
Scar removing cream

" I Cannot Believe How Quickly My Scar Has Healed"

" I have been using the scar cream for one month now and cannot believe how quickly my scar has healed. My doctor is amazed at the progress! I was very upset with the inch long scar I got due to minor surgery right on my cheek! I now am so happy I had the surgery as the scar is healing so well! Thank you Rejuveness!! You're a life saver (or face saver) in this case. Tom, IA

"My doctor was amazed at how fast and how nice the incision was healing"

"The scar cream began working right away. I recently had surgery and began using the scar cream after the staples were removed." Kim, Hilo, HI

"I want to thank you for such a wonderful cream "

A cream that actually works & is helping repair my scar on my face. I have wasted money on other products such as Mederma & Scar Guard and I only wish I would have known about your cream because it has really helped my appearance and given me back a lot of my self-esteem. I love using your cream & have told several of my friends & family it works like nothing else. Please do not stop making this product this is my second order placed and I will continue to use the silicone & the cream, I am trying not to get upset but your product has helped me heal on the outside but most of all you can see what it has done to make my inside so very happy that I try not to get choked up. Thank you again, Deborah, Georgia

"I want to thank you for your great products!"

My 10 year old daughter had an indented burn scar on her leg from having a wart removed with freezing. It was very noticeable and made her feel bad. About three months after the freezing I found you folks and ordered the Hyper-Heal cream and the silicone sheets. I received it that same week. After using both products together for about two weeks continuously her scar improved dramatically, the scar seemed to blend in with the rest of her skin and it filled in where it used to be sunken in. We continued to use the same regime, now it has been 3 months and I can't believe it I no longer see the scar and you can't tell. Thank you, Linda, Gainesville, FL

"I have tried everything and nothing worked your scar cream really works!"

My scars have become lighter and are disappearing after only two weeks - that's why I am coming back for more. This is great! I.A. New Hyde Park

"Finally, a scar cream that actually does what it claims to do..."

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product. Ruth, BOSTON

"Your products have been working like a miracle on my problem skin since August!"

I just want to say thank you all! Tamaki, (Japan)

I have seen a significant improvement in size and appearance that I was unable to get before!

I have been receiving Kenalog injections for my keloid scars that range in age between 3 months and 10 years old. The injections didn't last and seemed to make my keloids worse. After using your scar cream Hyper-Heal for just two weeks. Tu,Las Vegas, Nevada

"Your Hyper-Heal cream has significantly improved the appearance as well as shrunk the size of the dark burn scars."

I have a dark complexion with dark burn scars. I have also been using Hyper-Heal on my face and my friends have noticed the healthy glow it now has. L.R, California

"Your Hyper-Heal cream worked well for me."

It healed my indented scarring 80% and helped to make the ice-pick scarring shallower. Thank you for this - I really did appreciate it. Yours Sincerely, A.S.

"I have told quite a few people including my plastic Surgeon."

l have had a lower Blastoplasty 5 weeks ago and thank to your wonderful product you can hardly see the scaring, and its only been such a short time, My Dr told me in 4 to 6 week the scaring should get worse before it gets better, they told me in about 6 month it should fade away, but thanks to the Hyper-Heal cream in just 5 weeks its just amazing its hardly noticeable at all, l apply it morning and night. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product..., Janice, LA

"I'm looking forward to trying your other products"

A very satisfied scar cream customer.....Kindest regards, S.M.,New Mexico

"I just wanted to tell ReJuveness and future customers that these products really work"

I have been using them for about three months and I see a significant difference in my scar. I had a horrible case of acne which left a terrible scar right between my eyebrows and now I can barely see it. I had tried other products in the past, some of which were more expensive and nothing seemed to work. I will continue to use them until I run out and probably reorder again so it fades even more. Thank you for these fabulous products So if you are out there with a scar which is affecting your self esteem, order these products, you have nothing to lose except your scar!! Lauren O.

"I am STUNNED how good they work."

The ReJuveness Hyper-Heal cream and silicone sheeting scar sheets combo is unbelievable. I can actually look at my self in the mirror again - you have no idea how grateful I am to you and your products. Betty, Miami FL

" I do not know how to explain it, but my face is already appearing smoother and clarified."

Just wanted to let you know I received my ReJuveness Hyper-Heal cream just 5 days ago. Ju, NYC

" I know it has only been five days, but this is the best scar cream I have ever tried so far!"

I have researched the ingredients, only because I am an ingredient freak--and I found the major ingredients on (the Internet). It makes sense to me, even though I am not a scientist... Thanks JS Austin Tx.!

" Thank you and please please do not stop making Hyper-Heal cream.!"

I have new and very old acne scarring and like the new appearance and especially like the texture of my skin. I had dermabrasion years ago and was not satisfied with the results. Lisa, Albany NY

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Limited Edition Nail Colour Pictures and Collections

Limited Edition Nail Colour
Limited Edition Nail Colour
Limited Edition Nail Colour
Limited Edition Nail Colour
Limited Edition Nail Colour

Vitamin E (-xcellent!)

I’m over it guys. I’m over cold. I’m over the wind (it’s just rude!). I’m over the freak snow. I’m just over it all. I’m freakin’ DONE with winter. Sure I may look cute layered under vests and jackets and sweaters, but this season isn’t about cute. No, it’s about SURVIVAL–and well, my hair hasn’t been handling it well. But to its defense, it’s seems like the cosmos aligned where once I blow-dry it (–and straighten it, and do that weird jumping dance with the howling and spirit fingers) some crazy precipitation happens and I’m a complete frizz ball. If you couldn’t tell, I haven’t been pleased.

Mischo Beauty Loves Chanel's Noirs Obscurs Collection

So I'm paging through the first four pages of the October issue of Marie Claire, which happens to be filled with the CHANEL Collection Noirs Obscurs ad campaign featuring Malgosia Bela, and it's love at first sight! Yes, I'm loving this collection and Must. Have. It! From what little information I have, the collection includes mascara,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get Thicker Eyelashes by Applying Mascara Perfectly

apply mascara

Mascara, does magic for lashes as long as it is applied correctly. It should be applied in such a way that there are no drops of the stuff clinging to the eye lashes, and each strand is separated from each other.

* Clean the eyes and eyelashes properly.
* Turn mascara wand in tube few times, open and close it to get an even coat on brush.
* Always apply mascara AFTER applying eye shadow and eyeliner.
* Put mascara on eyelashes slowly and perfectly.
* Apply mascara to base of the lashes with mascara wand.
* Apply mascara from beneath upper lashes and above lower lashes.
* Carefully brush the mascara to ends of the lashes with use of lash comb.
* Do not blink eye while putting mascara.

eyes with mascara

Sometimes, second coat of mascara makes lashes look thicker and better. But if you think of having second coat, its better to put when first coat dries. Also, use lash curlers before putting on mascara, not after. Lash curlers work more effectively, if preheated. Be careful not to heat your curlers too much.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anna Sui’s upcoming Fall 2009 Makeup Collection

Agyness Deyn: New face of Anna Sui Cosmetics

Agyness Deyn: New face of Anna Sui Cosmetics

Supermodel Agyness Deyn is the new face of Anna Sui Cosmetics, who also fronted the fall 2008 ad campaign for Shiseido’s Maquillage. Here are some products of this collection.

Fluid Foundation

Moisture rich Fluid Foundation SPF 15 PA++

Moisture Rich Foundation Primer SPF 12 PA++

Moisture Rich Foundation Primer SPF 12 PA++

Anna Sui Lipstick

Anna Sui Lipstick

Anna Sui Nail Color

Anna Sui Shimmering Nail Color

Powder Foundation

Moisture Rich Powder Foundation SPF 15++

Eye Color Accent

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent B

Anna Sui Sponge

Anna Sui Sponge

Saturday, July 3, 2010

special nice nails designs

special nice nail design
special nice nail design
special nice nail design
special nice nail design
special nice nail design